Humanity's Ingenuity

     Space is definitely not the final frontier, and neither are the oceans. I feel like we will explore a lot more of space and a lot more of our oceans before we scratch the surface of a frontier that is very elusive indeed: pleasure, pleasure-science, hedonics. Or, the abolition of involuntary suffering for heaven on Earth to be exact, via humanity's ingenuity. We have lived with suffering for millions and millions of years, so of course we accepted it as something that can never change, as something that will never go away, ever. But our forefathers did not have genetic engineering. Imagine being able to do away with depression, fatigue, jealousy and malice via the art of genetic engineering, to edit away Darwinian malware as easily as one can edit away mistakes in a poem. We have always accepted pleasure and happiness as brief, fleeting sensations that can lead to even greater suffering when their acquisition is totally frustrated. Again, that was before technology even hinted at the possibility that we could re-invent ourselves, again and again. The exploration of pleasure should not be off-limits to people because they originate from a certain class, but it is, and we all know why: ignorance keeps the masses in line, and those having the most fun enjoy it even more when the rest of humanity are not.